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Shopping Dayz

Well as you can see here, there are moments when your child is bored and tired.

But don't be fooled!!

Soon, Shopping will become less soothing to nap time and more chaotic running, yelling, I want that, mom cradles herself in a corner and cries inside because your child is going CRAAAAZZZAAAYYYYYY!!!!

Don't worry though. Not yet hehe you have another year before that storm of terror arrives lol

In this stage Caden is just now finding himself walking, loving life, being thrilled with the simplest of things. And When Mommy goes to target, its perfect time for him to peace out and crash lol

But then!

When it is actually TIME for bed, he now is able to walk himself over to mom's bed at night, crawl in and creepily freak her out with a weird feeling of being watched lol!!

Both of these moments are precious though. I LOVED THE ONES TO TWO'S! Such a breeze for this little turkey. But he has been through so much! So I did, and still do spoil him as much as I can.

You wanna cuddle?


Whatever your little's stage is at this point. Take the picture and document the stories. Because it is such a blessing to look back at each story and recall the moments that seemed small, but created lasting joy :)