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Splurge a little

Go Ahead.

Splurge a little.

Save that extra you have and take a trip somewhere fun for the two of you.

Because Guess what?!


You totally do. These memories last a lifetime. And sadly, life is just too short to only focus each amount of extra energy you have on working.

Sometimes we forget the life we were given flies by, especially when you have little ones. And if you're anything like me, you're probably living paycheck to paycheck because you're on your own. That being said don't forget to maybe take a little dive and create an adventure day!

One of the places we enjoy going to is Silver Dollar City, a park attraction full of food, games and rollar Coasters!

We don't have much but we do have time. And time is more valuable than anything.

Make sure you take a little trip every now and again. It doesn't have to be expensive either!

Create memories, create smiles and REMEMBER what being a mommy is truly about. Less worry, more joy.

Pick your adventure spot and start planning it up! We all need that mini vacation away from worries :)