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Father Figures

I know that having a father figure is important. That being said though, just because your biological father figure chose to not be involved, doesn't mean there is a void in that spot in their lives.

Nobody understands this more than me. I was adopted by my dad here in this picture when I was a toddler. My biological father left. But in our situations, It was for the best. My mom gave me the best daddy I ever could have asked for by meeting dad and falling in love. He fell in love with us, me and my two siblings. Without a second of hesitation they made our family complete by adopting us officially under my dad's name.


and how fitting is that?!

He restored all my Hope.

I carry that name with Caden today. In every situation we carry hope. Through loss, tears, despair, or being abandoned. We still carry hope. Because that is something that the world cannot take away from me. Take away everything around me, and I'll still carry hope.

Caden has so many father figures in his life. He has my dad, his papa. He has my friends who have been there for him since birth who are called his uncles. He has my brother. My cousins. He has no empty void.

A child feels that empty void if the parent feels it and speaks it forth. I might feel alone in my journey at times, and hurt. But I never allow Caden to know that I have felt abandoned, left to do this on my own. He only see's an amazing strong mother. Who takes care of him. Loves him, feeds him, laughs with him. lives with him.

He has no empty void. No abandonment issues.

As parents we need to carry hope in every situation. No matter how bleak they may feel. Reach out to your close friends that can help you stand on your rock. Center your mindset on the love God has for you. Center your mind out of the worlds perspective and remember that God has plans for a future and HOPE.

Do not despair. Because though times feel alone, and can't be understood you still have HOPE.

You are not missing a piece to your family.

You are not a hole.

Look around to those who are filling you up as best as they can, and you will see that there is hope yet for your future.

And your child will see that hope within you.