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Off the Grid Parenting

No phone, No problems!

We live in such a world focused around technology that we forget to see the moments of life before us. Once the picture is taken, we instantly post it. Filter it. Hashtag it.

As we live in this world of instant rewards, take time to REALLY enjoy the moments. The Lazy afternoons. Capture them, but reflect back on them for social media later and spend that moment, IN the moment. I have gone off the grid multiple times for focus time with my family.

Staying off the grid doesn't mean not taking pictures. I love pictures, and the stories they tell of the moments I have. the memories I've made. I'm saying to put down the phone after you capture the moments. Keep that moment going. Especially when your children are young, They notice when you stop spending that moment with them.

And when you are older, and your children have grown. You'll realize that the most important story to share, wasn't on instagram. It was with your children.

Enjoy your little moments, and enjoy sharing them.

Stay blessed!

Stay in the moment :)