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Sometimes in life all we need is a little TLC. Growing up Caden was sick often. He had a weak immune system. Fevers often, and the best treatment other than medicine was some love and cuddles. Sick days are tough for parents to take. It is hard financially and sometimes we may get upset for schools calling. Jobs are often not forgiving for time off and most only allow MINIMAL days a year. That is TOUGH!! Especially when you can't rotate who takes those days off. So I had to find jobs that were more understanding of my child getting sick.

I worked at a preschool, the very same one my child went to. ha!! So I had the most forgiving job ever! Because they were the ones sending him home haha!!

But in general, I understand the frustration, stress and difficulty of your child getting sick. But it always works out, and your child really needs you above all else to feel better.

So when these moments arrive, where you may feel stressed or frustrated. Take it as a moment to be home able to catch up on life, while your child is resting, and maybe join them and catch up on rest.

Sick days happen.

But sick days build a trust between you both. A reminder of who is there to hold you at your weakest moment. Be that chain that holds your baby up when they are feeling down.

And take the day without yelling or stress, and instead put in trust and rest.

It's amazing what those two incredients will do for you :)