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Ever hear the phrase, life passes you by in the blink of an eye?

It is so much more apparent just how quick life really does pass you by when you have a child. You probably have already noticed, suddenly years go by so fast! I think it is because we have someone we are watching before us changing every day.

But the changes are slow, so we don't notice them until suddenly it hits you. My baby is no longer just a baby!

I know I've touched on this previously but just remember, not to fret over the little things like bedtime routines, or being spontaneous. A routine is very important for children, but some nights it is more fun to simply enjoy playing with them, laughing with them just a littttle longer than the allowed schedule time. Those little spontaneous moments are worth it. Capture them, and make them happen.

Today choose to create a memory worth breaking the rules a little bit.

And keep doing life with hope!