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Big Boy Caden

Remember our Barney date? Well barney stayed in the picture, He became Cadens good friend. One night we went out to eat, of course sporting our coziest of jammies, when I noticed that Caden gave his best friend his booster seat.

Caden would rather stand, try and crawl under the table, touch the windows, grab crayons, try and color on the table not the paper haha

Caden wanted to be a big boy. And as frustrating as it can be to go through this stage, its so sweet. We just need to keep reminding them HOW to be a big boy lol But they see how adult you are, they look up to you and they seek that same freedom.

So remember, when it is frustrating during these teaching moments to teach with patience, love and understanding. Take note of the little things they did, like I did with Barney lol Teaching with love and patience is a true gift, and something we are reminded of being in our lives because of our children. They create us to be more understanding, slow to speak with anger, and fast to see with love.

As we are teaching our children how to be their big selves, they are teaching us how to be better versions of ourselves.

So in these moments Say thank you, for teaching me to love with no conditions, and speak with not condemnation. As much as we are teaching our littles, they are the ones teaching us as well.