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Private Caden!

Oh my goodness!!! Hopefully this one never happens to you lol!!!

So one day Caden came home from preschool and I noticed during diaper changes that something was NOT RIGHT!!! VERY MUCH NOT RIGHT!!! lol

So one of his little balls were swollen twice its size..looked purple. Almost like his had hit it with something.

Thats the tough part about being a big strong kid, he didn't complain right away! So of course we went to the doctor to check it out, looked like he had a hole causing a leak of fluids down there that needed closed up. But this picture totally captured Caden's opinion of this day in history lol

Whoa sir, you didn't ask for my number!

How about a chocolate milk date first at least!

Also, take note that my kid is such a cool homie, He's dressed like such a gangsta baby and I just love his sense of style lol

Well, lets add ball surgery to the list little monkey.