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These two babies both had such a rough start. And thankfully they have both overcome them.

My best High School friend and I were blessed enough to be able to lean on each other for advise or simply to be able to feel understood by the other of what parenting a child who went through medical stress was like. Especially after surgeries.

Your child becomes so attached to you, can't leave your side. It can make it hard to do simple trips to the store, preschool drop off, or having your bed to yourself.

Many people don't understand that your child has only one rock they know, and its us. Everyone else (doctors, hospitals), places we feel safe usually created what they experienced to be pain and scary memories. They don't realize that they were blessed, and saved. They just know that the only person who made them feel safe through it was mommy or daddy.

Having patience through these moments sometimes felt overwhelming. But eventually our children learned to trust again, and healed. They are both the most wild of boys, but forging such a wonderful friendship has been the best blessing for us. We love this family, and the trouble our boys are able to do together, now that they are healthy and healed :)

Support is the most important thing you need as parents. Not all parenting is the same, and it can feel hard to find someone with understanding of your type of situations. Your friends don't have to have kids to be supportive either. But remember, not to forget your friendships when your life goes so fast, for its those friendships that help you stand when you feel overwhelmed. Stay Blessed!