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Giving your Joy

Life can bring you so many lemons. Not just motherhood but also jobs, schooling and merely traffic. Sometimes people around us can create such a hostile space causing you to instantly want to react and feed into the negativity surrounding you.

This post is a good reminder that we can choose to give out joy instead.

This doesn't mean that you won't face frustrating moments, and won't feel upset. It simply means that we can still be a light to those around us, and a good example to our kids by handling these moments of hardship with patience. Not being quick to lash our words out. Yell, and speak profanities. Not to create that hostile space for your child when they have just witnessed how the world can be.

We have a choice to let circumstances define our actions, or let our character define our reactions.

When you are facing situations that are not within your control, just smile and spend that day at the park making memories. Don't dwell on the unknown, but take each moment day by day. Keep an open mind for opprotunities. And give your joy through the hardships. No good story was ever told, that didn't include a mountian to face. Face your mountian. And share your story with Joy.