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Life Line!

I don't know about you, but I believe every child has that ONE movie or thing that is an INSTANT life savor as a parent!!

For us, it was the Movie Finding Nemo. haha!

So true though.

It was gifted to Caden at the Hospital just after he was born. I played it for him and he just loved it. The colors were memorizing. The sounds of music were soothing. And any time I played this movie he would sit still in the swing while I showered, on the mat while I cooked, or in this case fall asleep for bedtime on my shoulder as he grew older. Today he even has finding nemo bed Sheets!

His interests are changing into other cartoon movies, but this will always be one he likes to see. Luckily I love the movie too! I had the whole thing memorized!

I suggest friends, to find something that will help you shower, get dressed, cook, clean and basically everything you need to do as well as monitoring your child. Every child will have different personalities, but as a child my favorite go to movie was The Little Mermaid. So I guess we aren't that different my little and I :)

We need that extra help and thankfully we live in an age where we have access to movies and other technical devices. Don't feel like a bad parent for putting on a movie they like while you shower, or to help them fall asleep.

You deserve time to do your hair and shower mommy's. This will be a great way for your child to be happy and you to get ready.

You only have two hands girls! Take your shower, find your lifeline, get those babies to sleep for you lol

Whats your life line?