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Comfort Zones

On a Daily basis my comfort zones are tested, and when they aren't I usually take a second to ask 'Why?'

Getting too comfortable means I'm no longer being pushed. Means I'm no longer growing, aiming, practicing to become better and more knowledgeable.

This applies to everything in life.

I'll be totally honest, finances would be amaziiiing to feel totally chill and comfortable about haha!! But in general I like being pushed to step further into the unknown.

I am constantly trying to sharpen my skills to become better at the things I am passionate about, as well as other skills I have yet to harness. If I stopped aiming to get better Musically, then my creativity would remain at a stand still. And everything that stands still long enough stops working.

If you don't start your car up after a few weeks, the battery needs recharged. It won't start.

There was nothing recharging its system. Same applies to us. Keep grinding. Everything that sparks your imagination and creativity is worth exploring. Getting better at, becoming skilled at. It is so good to relax and take time for yourself, but remember that it is also important to keep pushing yourself past the comfort zones of your boundaries to see what else there is to discover! What more there is to learn.

The quicker you step OUTSIDE of your comfort zones, the sooner you realize that it wasn't comfortable at all.

There is freedom found when you set the boundaries down.

Take time to reflect on the areas you want to push yourself in, and respire that passion hidden within you.

Luke 11:9

And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.