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Kick'n it Cool Style

Being a parent is one of the coolest blessings. Some seem to think it weighs you down from potential opportunities.

But honestly?

It has only given me MORE opportunities. Maybe because being a mother has opened my eyes to the worlds vast adventures. I have been through so many ups and down's trying to balance life and all that it holds, and by doing so I am no longer afraid of taking risks. I've learned that just as quickly as life can go up, it can also go back down.

So why fear taking the chance to travel? Why fear trying a new job? Why fear dating? Why fear moving from one apartment, to a duplex, to a house. Why be afraid to sell EVERYTHING if given the OPPORTUNITY and GO.

Man what a blessing it is to be a parent, and not only that but Caden's parent. He is the absolute coolest and craziest Kid!

I am not afraid of what our future holds but excited. Many times I feel misunderstood as a single mother. People have a different mindset of what my life should be. It should be SAFE. Settled down. Working 9-5 and preparing for retirement.

But why be the same, when I was born to think different?

I say my life should be wild and free. Full of potential. Full of chances. Full of adventures. Full of laughter. Full of peace. Full of rest. Filled with love and joy.

Don't let others perspectives of YOUR life be the way you choose to LIVE it.

The only person that can limit your capabilities in this life. Is you.

Choose to be..limitless!

Phlippians 4:13

-I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.