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Taking Time

It's not how fast you start, it's where you are going.

We live in a world that has preset expectations of us. Start school at this age, graduate at this age, begin college at another age and start your career at another. 

Who set these boundaries for us? Who created such standards? 

So many young adults go into college, switching majors around, paying for classes and racking up student loan debt all the while stressing about why their career's have not started yet. Some people are so fortunate to start on their career path as planned, but most generally speaking many of us are still trying to FIGURE it all out. 

But there is something beautiful about the chaos when the dust settles down. When the race has started, and the dirt is kicked up in the air, we might feel disoriented and confused about what direction were going, and where we WANT to go. However after that initial race has started, we start running our path at different speeds making our sight much more clear. No more dust is being pushed in our sight lines. 

This process has led me to see that my WHOLE life is in front of me. Not only that but at ANY moment, it can also be taken away. 

So as I am young still figuring out what I want and how I'll get there, I choose to take time to relax. Enjoy the world and what it has to offer me. Enjoy nature, and take my time learning what my passions are, and how to create it into a source of income for my family. 

I choose to not accept jobs that will age me with frowns, stress and negativity. I choose to take on jobs that bring me a smile, that I look forward to and enjoy. What I am doing now can be challenging, however the people I do it WITH, make it something I look forward to. 

I am still forming plans, creating up ideas and thinking about my future, but I also am enjoying this time in-between our outlined guidelines. Relaxing, smiling, and LIVING this amazing journey of life. 

Stay blessed and not stressed my friends! 

We have plenty of time to figure it out, but in the meantime enjoy the chaos. 

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made EVERYTHING beautiful in its TIME.