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It is YOUR season

I have been so blessed over the past two years! Granted each day is it's own blessing.

Over the past two years I have decided to say 'Yes' more often. My self care and aspirations were put on hold for a majority of the past few years. I am first and foremost a mommy of an amazing little boy.

Taking that time to focus on his needs wasn't ever viewed of as a sacrifice. He needed much more than a typical child would as he was growing up. With Surgeries, check ups, sickness, broken bones, learning curves and loss of appetite, he has been through more than most people have in their lifetime.

So the first 5 years of his life was spent learning the hustle of motherhood, balance and doctor appointments for my little man.

Thankfully he has been blessed and is healthy now! Check ups are now annual and he is still as energetic as ever! He still receives all of my love and attention EVERY second of EVERY day! I feel incomplete without him in my life. He is just amazing!

But now that he has overcome many of his trials, I decided it is time to say yes to SELF CARE.

It has been the most refreshing two years of my life as a person and for our family. I began getting fit and healthy working out at the gym and learning clean eating habits. I also took a leap of faith to get my teeth straightened by invisalign! I have ALWAYS wanted this! And at the age of 26, I went for it. Never looked back! I started doing more live music events, recording and becoming a paid artist! I began researching different techniques to keep getting better at all the things I am passionate about. I started traveling and did my first oversea's trip to South Africa, soon to return again and work with the children I fell in love with.

My concept of walls that I was once in have been completely torn down and left me standing here with so many avenues of open roads and opportunities ahead of me. I am a better version of myself. Happier, more confident and more knowledgeable than before.

I firmly believe that my season of saying yes started at the age of 26 because I needed to train my child of what our life would be like BEFORE we stepped into this new phase of action. His ability to travel long distances, being flexible for changes, thrill for adventure and ability to follow directions to keep him safe. Creating bedtimes, that work even if were are not home. Creating a stable routine that would work in a constantly changing environment.

Now that he is ready and continuing to grow in those areas, we are able to take this unorthodox life further.

There is a season to rest, a season to train and a season to DO.

Take each season and reap the benefits from them.

If you don't take time to learn and grow in each season and tend to your seeds you have sown, then your harvest will not become as fruitful.

Let your garden grow to its full potential before taking the roots up.

Galatians 6:9

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.