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Inhale, Exhale

I recently spoke with a friend about how hectic and overwhelming life can seem sometimes. She asked me how I keep myself composed, and put together. How do I maintain joy?

I replied, that my joy is simple. I choose not to dwell on what isn't on my side. Not to dwell on things that have gone wrong. I evaluate the main stressor's of my life and decide whether they are worth the stress or maybe need to simply be handled in a different light.

As a single mom I do feel overwhelmed. These moments hit everyone, we are just humans. We get hurt, we have emotions and it is not healthy to pretend they do not exist. Instead I lean onto my closest friend to talk through these moments with me. Give me a new view of the same situation, or be sad with me during my disappointments. It is not bad to feel overwhelmed. It's healthy to express that.

But what do we do when these emotions of doubt come crashing down?

Take a look at what you are balancing. Parenting, my Childs school education, working multiple jobs, managing bills on a one parent income for a family of two, writing and promoting my music, balancing family issues that get put onto my shoulders, and most importantly spending that time on myself as Crystal. Not the taxi driver, full time worker, mother, shoulder, but to focus on ME. Who I am as an individual.

So what is it out of these that are causing my stress?

Write down the stressors of your life and decide. Is there a new plan of action that could help the flow of your machine and process work better? Or do you simply need to allow to put some things aside while you work on others?

For example:

This summer I will be stepping down from my second Job to help me focus much more attention for live performances and music.

I LOOOOVE what I do, but I also need to start putting much more time into music which needed a sacrifice made to better balance it all.

Maybe a better job in the future that is a better stable income and works with a single mothers schedule.

But for now?

That one step helped me maintain the healthy flow I am needing to create order to my hectic life.

There is much more I could give into this topic but I will save it for another blog. For now I will say, to take time to evaluate what all you are carrying by yourself. Are you overwhelmed? If yes then ask yourself, can I give some responsibilities to others? If yes then delegate and spread the load you carry. Wether to coworkers or family. If no, then choose. Is there a better way to carry? Or what should I set aside and what should I focus on? Sometimes we try to accomplish EVERYTHING at ONCE! Instead of being a superhero, take on one or two tasks that need attention. Accomplish them, and move on to the others.

Write it out


and exhale.

You can do this!

2 Chronicles 15:7 NIV

7 But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”