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I may be a Damsel, but Not in distress.

Of all the things I've learned, it is that I don't have to be a girl who is always in distress.

I have had so many cars that have had so many problems since my first Dodge Charger! But instead of being ungrateful for the oil leaks, transmission fuel problems, flat tires, and other mechanical issues I've encountered, I have taken them and learned from them.

On the way out to meet friends I encountered another slow leak in one of my tires. So in my heels and dolled up hair, I got out and fixed it up where it needs to be until I could take it in to be repaired.

In life we will encounter problems we don't know how to fix. When we come across those issues, take them as a moment of learning and growing, because chances are you will happen across them again. Instead of feeling stranded and frustrated with your situations, let them empower you with knowledge and wisdom. You can choose to let hard times make you stronger or weaker. Choose to become strong in your circumstances.

Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.