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The ferris wheel.

The Cotton Candy.

The Rides.

The games.

I know they basically come in and steal your money, but man, I can't help but find it magical. I was about to leave the Country for my Mission in South Africa. Luckily for us we had a Carnival come through town just before I was leaving. This was just a fun day! We actually didn't come in with much money, I was struggling to make ends really meet. So I decided $10 would give us a little of that magic as a family before I left. We rode the rides, and looked at the games. As we were heading out, we were approached by some ladies who had a TON of tickets and were offering us to have them and continue on. It was just so amazing for us to have been blessed like that. We continued til the night grew darker and the lights flickered like fireflies.

Sometimes you don't have to come in with much, but you can still receive a blessing by going in faith. That is my motto.

Leaps of faith, creates a bigger impact than safty nets.

Go take your leap today, and make an impact!