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How's it Hang'n?

One of our favorite things to do together is chill. We like to hang outside in the fresh air, on Hammocks supporting our friends company. This day we were taking photo's for our friends social media and their Hammocks. This is also the day I found out just how amazing my little boy is with his eye for photography inspiring me to create his own hashtag called #cadensperceptions

and start showcasing my little boy's talents.

I have started giving him the camera to simply just see what happens. He inspires me to see things on new perspectives. So as we walked these beautiful trails, we captured the moments that make it special to us. Walking with our little family in the midst of the wilderness.

Part of me thinks that escaping from buildings into the woods helps recenter and balance to where we naturally feel at home. Home is different for everyone, and for us it is near water, where the sounds we hear are birds, water and the leaves. I think we were both created with a wildling instinct that continues to keep us motivated to find more adventures, keeps our creativity alive and constantly growing.

What inspires you? Where do you find home?

Whether it is within the hustle and bustle of cars and horns or in the calm of the outdoors, go out and express it loud. We all bring many different qualities that together create this beautiful world we live in.

Go out.

Go explore.

Go express.

And share your perceptions.