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You are your friends


Why am I always in and out of jobs. Why can't I get my life together? Why does it seem impossible to fight the demons I'm dealing with? Why is it that nobody seems to help me. Why can't I get motivated to get things done?

Take a close look at the top five people you keep in your life. Who do you text when you need a friend. Where are you going to hang out. Who shows up for you when you need help. THOSE top five people are reflections of who you are. If you want to get out there and get a secured job, look around. Do your friends have jobs, or are they unmotivated to stay at a job when things get tough? If you want to stop drinking, or doing drugs, or simply just be a better parent or friend, well look at the people you're with. Are they drinking? Doing drugs? Putting their children's needs above their own?

If you want to change your path from stuck to success, you need to take a hard look at the people you've allowed on your boat to get there. They are either rowing with you, or dropping their paddles and staying on the current they want to go. Just as it is in the water, if your team on your boat doesn't help you row against the current to get where you want to go, then the current takes you another path, even if you are paddling endlessly.

Re-evaluate who you want on your boat today.

Who are your top five people? Write them down. What are the things you are trying to achieve? Write them down. Have you taken steps to achieve them? Write down your answer. Have you taken any steps to achieve those goals in the past 30 days? If your answer is yes, then the people on your list are your team. Your key to success.

If your answer is no, then take a closer look at the team you've partnered with. Branch out into different places to find people who are already on the path to success, and begin forming connections with people that will row WITH you.

You can meet people like this at work, church, sports, and other areas that have the interests you are seeking.

I have the BEST crew on my boat. It is how I am successfully traveling to make partner my music, performing year round and getting paid. Learning more skills to better my goals and get more knowledge. I've met these people at my work, at my church, and through others who are on their own path to success.

Successful people can lift up others who are motivated to move forward.

Un-successful people will create motivation, to simply just ideas.

You can achieve all you put your mind to, but it all starts with who you choose to partner with along the way.