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My second home.

This place.

These hearts.

Those smiles.

This is my second home. A place where my heart that was aching and empty feels whole once more. My first visit I fell in love with these kids and the ministry called Global Mercy Missions.

I thought, I want to be part of this but how?

So I thought to donate a percentage of funds from my music income. Sadly that was like nothing.

So I thought that there must be something bigger. Better. Something that will make an impact.

So I decided to come back with a project. It had no name yet, just a purpose.

Let's make bracelets with the kids and staff so I can take them back to America to sell on your behalf?

What do you think?

So a hop, skip and a flight away the time had arrived. Week one is always just about reconnecting. Last time I was here with this ministry I left within a week to another part of South Africa. I was afraid that the kids would have forgotten me.

But to my surprise they didn't. They remembered!

So we sat in the playground singing Xhosa songs together, and started with creating our RELATIONSHIPS back first.

Filled with smiles, joy and laughter.

My heart became full. Week one of being back home felt nothing less than perfect.