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Every destination you travel to will have a few good pit stops to visit along the way. For this trip I had a 12 hour layover in Switzerland.

And what does this crazy blonde lady do?

Well, she takes a train out from the airport, with a map in her hand and a few Franks in her pocket.

Now don't be silly. Traveling alone is a risk, and you need to have confidence to do it. Along the train ride I memorized my map and made a plan of where I wanted to visit.

Zurich has a high tourist rate, So soon I saw many people out with maps asking for directions from me.

Apparently I look German. Wouldn't have guessed with the blonde hair huh?

It was liberating to put my feet onto new soil for the first time. And a bucket list place too!

I walked along the river, and found a coffee shop. If you know anything about me, OF COURSE I WOULD FIND MYSELF A COFFEE SHOP! LOL!

It was amazing. I felt brand new.

And that is the wonderful thing about adventures...

It's a way to push yourself, grow and find new amazing characteristics you carry within yourself.