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I'm coming home

As much as my home is in South Africa with the hearts of Global Mercy Missions.

There is no place like the inside of my, then, 7 year olds arms. His snuggles, and embrace. No matter where I am in this world, I am home in his arms. That is true love right there. One of our traditions is to bring back a special item for my little man. There's a cute shop by my coffee place within the JRO airport in Africa. They sell the most beautiful stuffed animals. My first year I brought home the little lion. And this year?

Meet Steve. The cutest little monkey for my cutest little monkey! I take pictures of his monkey at each airport, each Country all the way home to my family.

And the silly thing is? I find a sense of comfort cuddling these little stuffed animals on my flights home. For some reason, they help my home sickness of traveling to my little boy.

These are the things we do for our families. During one of my Photos in the airport, another person said

"How old is your little one? I've been there too"

It's what we do for our little ones. Even though it's small. It means so much more to our families.

Don't feel silly when your gestures seem small, but rather embrace the moment together. They are bigger than they seem :)