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So this was it. That leap of faith I had mentioned earlier. After taking the first week of reconnecting we began the process of making bracelets. small sessions with the kids each day to create those strong bonding moments together, and then sessions with the staff at the end of our three week period.

At first I was nervous. Only four students had the opportunity to make their bracelets. They were so excited to wear theirs back home, but so many kids were still left to make theirs. I wondered how they would handle taking turns and waiting. Would there be fights? Bracelets stolen?

We rolled in the next day.

Kids running to the car chanting in excitement we had arrived. I'm giving each child their big hugs and I started asking some, where's your bracelet?? Why aren't you wearing it?

They pointed to their friends.

Their friends were wearing their bracelets.

Kids who have NOTHING were sharing their special items with others who were still waiting. Taking turns wearing the bracelets.

It was absolutely beautiful. A beautiful sight to see the true and pure love of these special hearts.

The weeks flew by and each member of this organization made bracelets for themselves and their cause. I

Each time a bracelet slid onto a child or staff's wrists, a beautiful smile just lit onto their faces. Seeing just how much they are really worth. How beautiful they are. How special. How important.

By the end of this amazing project, I was given my Xhosa name. Mamma Thembela.

Thembela meaning, to have hope.

And that is how we named this amazing project. Let us have hope together.

These projects are sold at Thembela Designs on facebook! You can find the organization at Global Mercy Missions facebook or globalmercymissions.com

This amazing part of my life will be blogged separately and has become an annual event.

Keep your eyes open.

The world is an amazing place.