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Back at home from a missions trip is full of chaos. This summer's return was a little more chaotic.

See after returning I started a new job, and began making Thembela an online presence, which is actually pretty time consuming.

So going into full swing and jetlag mode I was blessed with a friend back in town from Hawaii. So what did we do?

IMPROV PHOTO SHOOT at our favorite Joplin location.

See, in the midst of the crazy and stress, it is so important to find time for the people you love, and time for yourself as well. Don't allow your days to be 'too busy' to see a friend in town.

Time is fleeting. What we may think we are way to busy for, might just be exactly what we need. A refreshing sense of enlightenment on where you are, and where you are going.

Creating more creativity inside you.

Spend time outdoors, spend time with friends and explore. It's all possible to do. There's no need to choose between career, family, friends, aspirations. Go for it all with no limitations, and you'll see that it is all attainable.