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Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday my little eight year old baby boy! Birthday parties have always been a little tricky for this summer baby. Either EVERYONE shows up or literally, nobody makes it. It's so nerve wrecking. So we have decided to do birthdays a little different. Caden has many adults who just love him with everything. He has many school friends and some that he plays with outside of school. We began doing parties where everyone is invited to our home that he knows to celebrate and then his small group of friends go out for the activity. This year we went to the movie theaters and watched Jurassic World. It was incredibly fun! We decided to also bring glow sticks for the occasion...

Surprisingly those glow sticks were LIT! SOOOO BRIGHT! But I don't care. It is my kiddo's birthday! And he deserves it to be spectacular.

Birthdays don't have to be expensive. They don't have to be extravagant. All you need is the people who love you doing something that makes a memory everlasting.

Happy Birthday Baby boy!