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Live music Growth!

Summer is usually my slower musical months. This year was different! It pretty much exploded the moment I landed!!

Which was amazing! Exactly what every aspiring musician wants! One of the things I have learned through this process is to never give up on your dreams no matter how crazy it looks to other people. You create your own wave. Taking pictures at your events, posting about what you are doing. Even if you think it's not very much? It begins the wave. Starts the motion.

Soon I was running to keep up with the surf I had landed in opportunity!

When I was running, I ended up finding many people that were interested in being part of my wave, but not to help me but to take the wave from me.

That is what you want to be aware of as you are surfing. You will catch eyes on you, some to help and some to steal. Be weary of those you allow to join your team when your hard work is getting noticed. It will either keep you standing, or knock you down.

I am still running to keep up with the musical opportunities before me. Every time I am out is another chance to see and meet people with more doors to open! So get out there. Dreams were not meant to be just that. A dream.

Dreams are given to us individually fitting our lives. If we don't go after them, the world will never see a new beautiful perspective. That beautiful perspective is you.

Be Different.

Be Wild.

Stay beautiful.

You can do it!