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Summer of opportunity and growth

Opportunity and growth doesn't stop when you are a parent, that alone a single parent. Let us put away that mentality right now. In fact, becoming a parent might have just given you more opportunity for growth than before! Yes. You heard that right. More people will see you, reaching for your dreams no matter what. People are inspired by those who long for opportunity, as well as those who are amazing parents.

When you become a parent, not only do your good qualities of who you are shine through, but you are now introduced to a set of whole new opportunities that shine brighter than before. Your resume just got filled with many more special skills and qualifications. There is something new, that has taken much more talent and skill to balance than anything else. Parenthood.

So if you reach high, and hold your child above it all while you're reaching there will be so many others who see that in you. A qualification above all else. Someone who is independent, loving, responsible and humbled.

A way to feel connected by all other people in all other walks of life.

So if you have heard the old phrase, "I can't because I'm a mom or dad"


"I don't know if I can handle being a part of your life, I don't want that family responsibility yet."


Go ahead and let Jolene take that boy off your hands, Go ahead and drop those friends.

And kick butt at your dreams anyhow with a rockstar smile.

Because us parents?

Were freaking AWESOME!