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Blessings through Crisis

In every crisis situation there are hidden blessings within the rainbow hiding above.

This time in my life was pivotal.

I learned who cares for me, and sadly who doesn't. Who I pour into that only takes, and who I have poured into that pours back into me as well.

One of my major spots for live music at Gusano's Pizza blessed us with a free pizza dinner delivered to our front door. As well as a friend states away, sending us a Pizza to help me feed Mister Caden without having to be up and moving so much to do so.

Every appointment in Springfield was accompanied by family or friends who ate lunch with me after and drove me to get there.

Caden was such an amazing champion through the whole thing. He slept in the living room with me, begging to stay there by my side. That is true love. He wasn't grossed out by the blood every day but supported me while maintaining the tubes.

We had a friend come bless our home by mowing for us one evening. We came home and the lawn was mowed and taken care of. That, makes my heart so happy! We were incredibly thankful.

We had friends send us Amazon house essentials to our front door so We didn't have to shop for necessities. We had gofund me set up, fundraising events and lunches made by my job.

Lunches ordered and delivered by friends.

Bake sales created and completely organized.

Through this crazy storm I was covered by so much love which was needed so bad. As much as I am positive, this was the most devastating and alone I had ever felt. How was I supposed to afford all of this? Was my life worth it?

Can I do this?

So many people I loved deeply, didn't even check on me. Which opened my eyes to where I valued some people compared to where they valued me.

I learned of people who value me that I didn't realize before. And became so thankful for learning this painful lesson.

Cat scan after cat scan, I would have tears swelling in my eyes. My mother would hug me.

Friends helped pick up Caden from school, or watch him while in the hospital.

Though I felt alone, I was constantly reminded that I am not. I am not alone. I am not a lone wolf.

It is important to have your pack. We can't get through this life by ourselves. We need to have a pack of those surrounding us keeping our heads above the waves when the water rises.

I learned who my pack was.

I was not a lone wolf anymore

Luke 12:32

Fear not little flock, for it is your fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom.