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Getting Cozy

Winters are for cozy onesie's and coffee mugs filled with hot cocoa. This mug sharing my motto in life. No, it's not a new motto. I have always been known for my joyful spirit, but was reminded that even the most joyful person can deal with depression and sadness. I was reminded that though nobody else would have realized it, beneath my greeting smiles I felt lost and broken most days.

I was still healing.

Still fighting.

Still striving.

I knew that the joy within me had not left, but was eager to heal and be everything I was before being sick.

So I reached out to friends and family letting others know where I was struggling. Let them know that I knew how I felt was wrong. I knew I wasn't alone. I knew I wasn't how I felt.

It was just the process of gaining little pieces of myself back.

So I sought after Joy. I sought after faith. I sought after love.

When I felt any other way I prayed with my friends. I shared how I felt. I shared the tears I felt.

Ultimately healing the little pieces of hurt by sharing the load.

Sometimes people won't know how you are struggling unless you share. Do not be afraid to be honest and tell someone you trust if you are struggling. Let them share that load with you.

Trust me.

Once you do, it becomes instantly less heavy. Instantly a reminder that no. You are not what your mind is saying. You are everything, and joy is offered to you.