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Hair change!

Treat yo self ladies! Let me tell you, this decision was one of my favorite choices ever! I decided to get hair extensions.

But don't worry, I am the queen of wheeling and dealing. Typically extensions are about $500. $300 to buy the hair and another $200 to place them in for the first time. However I started up a conversation with a friend about my curiosity of what extensions to do and what was healthiest to help my hair grow and repair.

There are so many different types to choose from. Tape ins, clip ons and more. I was told about ones called bellami. They are clamped in from the roots and stay there 24/7. My friend was changing her hair color and offered to sell me her used ones for only $100 to try it!! So YEAS QUEEN I DID IT! Then! It was $150 to place them in.

What a great way to see whether these extensions were right for me without having to completely commit.

Let me tell you, this was worth every penny and I eventually purchased my own for only $300 which included placing them in!

Every 6-8 weeks my amazing hair stylist pushes these babies back up to the root while my natural hair grows and repairs from the damage of constantly putting heat onto it and products. Now all I use is heat protectant spray and dry shampoo. No need for hair spray. My natural hair is protected from being ironed too much and the extensions keep their curl perfectly for days!

Working out? No big deal! Dry shampoo the roots and touch up curls in the morning. I have stopped washing my hair every day and instead wash every 3 days or so. Again helping my natural hair repair. I'm so excited to skip the awkward stage of growing my hair and go straight to the mermaid stage!

And when my hair does grow out? I'll probably keep the extensions in to allow less heat on my natural hair and less damage overall. All the while keeping long luscious curls full year round!

This is the best option to extensions and healthy hair! If you are curious about it, bellami is the way to go! Trust me!