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Just in time!

Just in time! Thanksgiving is one of our families largest celebrated Holidays. We have families from both sides come together. We have a theme each year and each theme has games, scavenger hunts, zip lines and so much more!

Thankfully I was able to move around much easier and enjoy my time with the family! I might not have caused as much trouble as I usually would have, but I still made a few crashes to the crew.

Holidays can be consumed with buying gifts, eating tons of food and spending so much money.

Take a step back from that for a moment.

Holidays are about spending time with people you love, even if it's just one or two. It's about the moments you create together. The laughter you have.

When you go out shopping, you don't have to spend a dime. Honestly it's more about the experience with family time than it is finding your next deal to score.

I typically and super poor during the Holidays, and this holiday was no exception. I was just recovering from everything and was basically living off of the blessings from others when I couldn't work. So yes, I did go shopping, but no. I didn't care about not being able to partake. I just wanted to spend that quality time.

So don't stress about affording to be with those you love, and remember why you are with them.

To live, laugh and create memories together.

The season of thankfulness was upon us, and I was reminded of the most precious gift I have. Life to be an amazing mommy for an amazing little boy.