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I am by NO MEANS A MODEL! I just happen to have landed an amazing opportunity to do shoots for various companies here in my local community!

This was step one to getting back to the real me who had to step down for months. I was cleared to begin trying for adventures just in time to hit a bucket list item and create friends across the globe. This particular shoot is for an amazing hammock company called gnar. You can see all their hammocks and apparel on livegnar.com and use the code lifewithhope for additional discounts!

This was a healing moment for me. A moment of being outside in nature. Exploring. Adventuring. Still a little set back on limitations, but one step closer to being me. I have wanted to visit this cliff in Arkansas for a year now. Here was an opportunity to not only model, but model at a bucket list spot with four photographers shooting and catching this amazing photo of me in my favorite space.

I am not a spectacular fit person to do runways or magazines.

So to be offered a gig like this fits me like a glove. Getting outside. Exploring, and Chill'n in hammocks all day.

That is me. That is who I have suppressed within myself for weeks.

That was me coming back from the pain creating something beautiful.

A little more of the depression left, and was filled with a little lost piece of me.

Internal Healing is,

Finding who you are once more,

And living it again.