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Musical Life!

Step two

Healing from feeling broken.

The exploration side of me was once more healed. Reopened into something more exciting and beautiful than before!

Still little pieces of who I am was broken.

Until I was able to begin performing live music again. This is my highest passion. Music brings me life, joy and fulfillment. I was finally able to share the songs on my heart creating atmosphere's and filling spaces. This part of me was finally reopened. Finally free again.

Not only was I back, but I decided to come back stronger. A change of who I am as a musician has sparked. What was my look now? My sound? How can I better myself.

Soon I decided I would begin to be the #tutumusician and wear tutu's or skirts that bow out to create a look that is absolutely adorable. I also started wearing bright lipsticks for shows.

The spark of creativity was brought back better than before.

Another piece of me was healed once more.

Fall down 9 times, but get up 10.

That is my motto.