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The storm.


They appear instantly without warning in our lives. The most unexpected storm hit our family this year after so many good things started.

Before my Missions trip to South Africa my vehicle was rear ended while sitting at a stop light. Thankfully my child was NOT in the vehicle at the impact. After the chaos and adrenalin was over, I realized my neck and back were still sore from the wreck and was leaving the country in six days! So I went to the ER to have an overall check of my health just in case the impact was more than I realized. I let doctors know what had happened, what was sore and that I was leaving soon.

After the initial check up in May, I was given muscle relaxers and sleeping medicine to help the whiplash of the wreck.

6 months later.

I had been noticing discoloration inside my abdomen for a few months. And feeling random pain. I would ask friends if they knew what that could be and since I am active, we chalked it up to being muscle growth or needing more water.

Unfortunately those were signals of something much worse happening inside me.

I woke up on a Monday with my side feeling a little sore. So the rest of the week I slept on the opposite side of my body to help ease the pain. By Sunday, I woke up with the pain worsened. Began icing and heating the abdomen. Went to church but was in so much pain I had to leave. By the afternoon I had contacted many friends and family members mentioning the pain. Then by the evening I was texting my mother asking if I should just go to the ER. At this point, I was hunched over, holding my side and barely able to walk.

Obviously I am very stubborn and have a very high pain tolerance.

I had NO IDEA the amount of tolerance I really did have until it was too late.

Suddenly my side began pulsating like I had NEVER felt before.

Every two seconds my side pulsated and it was such excruciating pain I was screaming out. I couldn't drive, and called a friend. They heard me screaming and immediately drove me to the ER.

After getting the pain managed, and having a second opinion at a separate hospital we discovered that the impact of that wreck had actually caused such trauma in my body that my spleen had created a cyst pocket that had filled up to 18 cm inside my abdomen. Cysts are usually 6 cm. A doctor immediately took me up to have a tube placed inside me to drain the cyst.

Over 200 ml of fluid drained out of my body for 3 weeks. At one point I actually fainted and collapsed to the floor from the pain. Couldn't walk straight, and usually had my hands on my side for extra support. I hobbled around work unable to do anything as long as I could manage the pain. I slept on the couch because I couldn't get in and out of bed.

A follow up surgery was necessary now because I couldn't stop draining.


After the second surgery the Doctors discovered that yes, I did have a cyst, but my spleen actually SPLIT ALMOST INTO TWO PIECES!!

How I was walking? Was a miracle.

How I didn't bleed out internally? Was a miracle.

The Doctor told my parents I had such a high tolerance to pain that I should not have been even walking these past 6 months. I'm lucky to be alive.

God gets all the glory for protecting me. He gets the glory. I am so thankful to be alive and learned many lessons along this long journey of recovery.


They bring chaos.

But when they pass, there is a rainbow of truth and promise.

Up next I'll share the truths and promises I found within this storm we made it through.