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Another unexpected storm

You would think that my storms have finally settled and passed, and yet we come home from the gym and see our sweet and eldest fur baby laying still on the floor unable to move.

Her chest had bubbled out so large and fast that she could hardly breathe and couldn't walk. I instantly knew that she would not be able to make it through the night.

This day is easily one of the hardest days of my life.

I have lost my animals before, but never like this.

Usually in tragic ways that caused a death, but never where I had to decide to say goodbye. We took her to the vet after cuddling her for hours, and called the families that were closest to her to say goodbye. We saw the vet, and they instantly told us upon looking at her that there was nothing we could do.

The whole day she smiled as she labored to breathe. She smiled as Caden cried and kissed her goodbye. She smiled as she fell asleep, and closed her eyes for the last time.

She last heard how good of a girl she was.

We cried all week over her. I have tripped on myself over 10 times thinking she was by my feet.

Animals leave such a strong print on our hearts.

We miss our baby girl, but what she gave us will never be forgotten.