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Getting Healthy again

Getting back into health and fitness is an easy routine for me, however waiting on the results is so frustrating. So many limitations my body had still, but the ability to take steps back into a healthy lifestyle was encouraging.

And who is beside me?

Only the most amazing little encourager I have in my life. We have a local place that serves healthy shakes and meals. It has become one of our favorite spots to go to as a treat day after a work out.

I still don't feel like me yet. I feel like I've gained weight. I feel chubby.

That being said, regardless of how I feel internally about myself I proclaim the truths. You are strong, you are alive, you are worth it, you are trying, you are succeeding and you are proving to yourself and that little one in your arms that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Success doesn't happen overnight. It happens by staying on track. If you are on the way to creating you goals, do not become discouraged by not seeing instant reward.

Plant the seed

Water the seed

Tend the soil

And see the prosperous growth that is coming your way.