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Merry Christmas!

And the tradition continues! As a young mom I decided to create traditions for Caden to grow up with. Some I had, and others I added. Traditions create such precious memories, and make holidays just a little more special. So here are a few Holiday traditions that we do at the Hope's house.

1. First day of show we break open the Hot cocoa.

2. First day of December we begin Christmas movie nights!

3. We have a santa tree that moves santa down as a countdown for Christmas!

4. First school snowday is holiday cookies!

5. We buy 3 gifts for Caden. Just as Christ received 3 gifts. Christmas Jammies are also opened on Christmas eve.

6. Be a Secret Santa for someone in need. Dropping off a secret gift to someones door.

7. Christmas day (or the day not with family) We go to the theaters in our Christmas Jammies and watch .a movie with snacks and popcorn! That one is our favorite!

I hope these traditions help you find your own ideas as well for the Holidays. Merry Christmas!