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Stay Beautiful Darling


Here is where a new formation of who I am as a musician has started.

It begins with an inkling. A deep feeling crawling inside. An idea.

Those thoughts are not random. I believe you need to trust your gut instinct when you have one. This was mine. To become the #tutumusician

and make a distinct look to create a better statement of who I am for public viewers who didn't catch my name.

So starting this out was pretty terrifying honestly. Taking a step out of my comfort zone into a new area and not knowing how it would be reciprocated is nerve wrecking. Thank goodness I didn't let that stop me from putting myself out there and following that inkling I had.

This look as boosted my Musician persona like crazy! The response was quick and loved! I'll admit, I love it too!

Follow your inklings. It might be different, but different is beautiful.