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Moving Mountains

Blessed is she who believed.

Who believed in herself despite what others thought about her and her circumstances.

Now Here is a story that we can probably all relate to one day or another.

I was dating someone and had both feet in the water just ready to commit. Until the day he said it wasn't for him. His reasonings were, "I don't know where I'm going, I have plans to move away. I have plans to do many things in my future and don't want a relationship while I am preparing for opportunities."

Okay, respect that. Cried my sad tears and continued moving forward. During the next year I would continue gaining Live music gigs, started repping for Gnar Hammocks and traveled to Switzerland and South Africa. I came back starting Thembela and began distributing products to help a foundation missions group called Global Mercy Missions. I continued working on myself. Got incredibly sick, and began relying on people to help me through that time. Got better, and immediately began modeling, playing shows and working more on Thembela Designs for year two. Now I am prepping to return and continue teaching skill sets to the women and children in South Africa.

I continued moving the mountains that were set before me.

I continued believing.

GUESS WHAT!! That boy, six months after saying that phrase, was ALREADY IN ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP? UHH.



Listen. He had gone nowhere, but instead stayed inside the same town. Doing the same routine. Working the same job.

He pushed me away saying I was not going to be going places, but instead it was HIM who stayed dormant while I moved mountains.

Ladies, and gentlemen. You and your capabilities are NOT determined by what others say you are capable of.

Instead, when you hear that phrase?

Prove them wrong. Keep pushing and making a difference in this world. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. No matter if you are a single mother, a college student, living in your car, or living in a condo.

Trust what God called you to do in life and go for it with EVERYTHING you've got. For the dreams he gave you were handcrafted and selected for you to accomplish. All you need to do, is believe.

Now that being said, many dating relationships won't work out. I'm happy that he found someone to make him happy, and have no hard feelings. I just wanted to use that as an example. A reminder of your worth.

Because I know that sometimes it might be hard for us to push past the words and keep doing what you've been called to do. Sometimes we choose to accept the words of others over the words of our heart. Over what we believe we are meant to do on this Earth.

I wanted to use this as an example of what words compared to actions are. Had I accepted that I am a hinderance to anyone who aspires to explore the world or go after opportunities for a future, then I would too have stayed dormant.

My calling would have been ignored.

And my opportunities would have gone elsewhere.

I wouldn't be fully happy.

Because I would not have fully stepped into my calling. My future and my Hope.

So stay steady my friends. Remember these words. Stay focused on what is ahead of you. For Your future has been called forth by the one voice that matters above the rest.

Jeremiah 29:11

Go do life with Hope my friends