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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Balance. What a tricky thing to create. Balancing motherhood, balancing work, balancing dreams, Balancing travels.

It seems impossible!!

I often hear, I couldn't do that without another person!

But I am here to tell you that




You can! Now it would be fun to do this with someone special. To travel, to explore, to sing live music, to work the daily grind, to go to events and church, to do missions. That would absolutely bring me joy. However downgrading yourself to only being capable of work and home because you have kids or priorities? NO.

The thing is, if you have children, you are able to TAKE your children with you on these journeys. Show your children what hard work does. Show your children that literally ANYTHING is possible that you set your mind to. Be an inspiration. Just do, don't stress. Just take their hand and GO for it!

Other priorities like working multiple jobs to make ends meet, or helping family? That is definitely seasonal and I have been there. However it does not mean that your dreams are not attainable. It does not mean that you can not do it alone. It means that you have extra time to prepare. To perfect the art of your skills. Don't let the time waste away with meaningless shows on television. That time could be used to plan, to create ideas and to better yourself in the ways you desire.

What makes you an inspiration?

Is simple.

Just reaching for the otherwise unreachable.

Go for it!