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Finding your other half

Sometimes we search for whats missing in our lives before we look within ourselves to feel completed first. We are in such a rush to find a person, a hobby or activity that consumes our time therefore helping us feel like we have completed what felt void once before.

Friends, This is a trap.

If you don't look within yourself to see what you desire, what motivates you, what you believe in, then you won't find that within a person or activity. Sure, it will distract you for a time, but once that new person, hobby, activity becomes regular and routine, you will realize that the void craving inside you still exists.

Do not allow yourself to become a victim of stolen time and efforts. Instead find happieness within. Find out what you stand for. What you believe in. What is your drive? What personally motivates you?

What do you believe with everything inside you, is your purpose in life?

Answer all of these questions to complete who YOU are as a person, before inviting another person inside your life. Before wasting time away on new hobbies on top of hobbies.

Do not fear, for though those answers might be pending, your journey is not.