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It's okay Little Mamma

It's okay little Mamma.

Take a second.

Hide in the bathroom.

Breathe in deeply.

And exhale.

Still open to a miracle, but knowing that preparations are nearing an end.

As parents we prepare so many things. Pack the lunches, stock the diaper bag, prepare the outings perfectly. Gas the vehicle, change that baby. And go!

The feeling of overwhelming anxiety is an easy one to let captivate you and surround you. It is an easy emotion to blind your sights from seeing past all the clouded windstorms you are in.

It is okay little mamma.

To take a second.

Place the world back down off your shoulders.

And say "Lord, I give my worries and my whole world up to you. I trust you"

And that is what I did with my little 16 month baby boy.

Open heart surgery was coming near. I wanted to lose hope, but the Lord renewed my strength. and he can renew yours.