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Picture Perfect

Life is not always picture perfect. We don't always have our hair done, matching outfits and sparkling personalities. Sometimes we are messy and bribing our kids to smile just five more times for the right picture.

Sometimes we are trying to do a quick run in and out of the grocery store to grab some essentials after a crazy day. Wearing sweats, a messy shirt, mismatched socks and chaos all around. Of course, that being the one time you actually see EVERYONE you know inside the store who wants to stand around chatting up a storm to you, or the day you see someone super handsome shopping and think to yourself, why?!

We have those moments where our sweet little kids turn into sour patch children who wreck the house, and need 10 reminders to do the one thing you asked them to do twenty minuets ago, which is now making you late to where you needed to be.

It's not always having patience.

We lose our MINDS and sometimes our temper. It is full of "I'm sorry" and hugs when we have those moments.

Life isn't always picture perfect.

We compare instagram stories, and facebook posts. We run after what others claim to have.

The perfect pictured life doesn't exist. Life is full of imperfections.

But the imperfect moments become the ones that define who we are today. How we came to believe in what we do. How we met the most amazing people in our lives. How we learned from those who were not so amazing.

Remember to not get fixated onto matching the appearance of instagram lives. Embrace your own. Love where you are, because where you are is filled with real love, real heartbreak and real life.

A life with HOPE.