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This year had been full of so many waves for us. From large to small. From calm to storms. I'll be honest, it was tough. Getting so sick, losing so many things I had personally worked towards to gain, my child feeling the deep responsibility to take care of me. It was a tough year. No child should have to think to themselves, "You are all I have, and I am all you have. I am here to take care of you mom."

But here was the year my 8 year old little boy said that to me, and slept on the couch next to me for the simple comfort of knowing I was okay. Or helping me when I wasn't.

We had surfed that wave, and finally the sea's of our lives had calmed. I came to the realization that it was time to breathe in the air. Deeply.

Inhale slowly, regaining my composure once more. It was time for us to say yes to our family again.

And since we have adjusted, this new wave we are able to be on is full of joy.

It is so good to say yes.

Let me say that again.


Say yes to your family. Say yes to yourself.

When the seas of your life come back to a calm, remember to embrace the moments and opportunities to say yes again, and be thankful at the end of each wave you embrace.