Thembela Designs

sending hope globally

est 2018

Established in 2018 Thembela Designs partnered with Global Mercy Missions in South Africa making jewelry and accessories to promote job resources and financial support funding this missions base. 

Since 2018, this project has given all proceeds back into this base to fund schooling, community healthcare, food and water supplies, hygiene supplies, diapers, wipes, educational tools and above all the ability to pay women in the community as well as rehab women from sex trafficking to learn the skills of beading and creating jewelry

Every purchase supports a Global cause for this organization in South Africa, and has equipped the organization to help create opportunity for the women to provide for their families. 

You can find our designs on Etsy following the link below.

Here is a testimony of 2019's missions back to South Africa working alongside Global Mercy Missions and the women of East London, South Africa.